A Proper Christian Response To The “Same-sex Marriage” Issue

In case you haven’t noticed, Jesus Christ is under attack!

This is proxy war – Because He is under attack, so are His followers.  Nothing new here. He has been under attack since the foundation of the world.



Some thoughts prompted by the tragedy at Emmanuel AME Church.

It has been a little over a week since bullets from one who, for all intents and purposes was possessed by demons, (as a Christian, I cannot explain it any other way) took the lives of nine people who had assembled for one purpose – to meet with God. This is stuff we hear about happening in other countries, but America!

It wasn’t just any night, it was Wednesday night. This is a night designated by Christians all around the world to meet together specifically for a more in-depth time of prayer and Bible study. (more…)

Marching In Place

Recently, we drove all the way to Great Lakes Naval Training Center, just North of Chicago to see our son graduate marchingfrom Basic Training. By 0800 on the day of the event, several thousand family members and friends of the over 700 newly minted sailors were in place in the huge reviewing hall.  The crowded grandstands were abuzz with slowly building anticipation as the Navy Band pumped out patriotic and march songs. Conversations were sparked between proud family members whose children had just successfully survived being thrown together for eight weeks in an attempt to mold them into a common denominator: The United States Sailor. (more…)

THE “GOOD LIFE” OR THE “BEST LIFE” – Which One Are You Living?

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal” – Earl Nightingale

Success is probably one of the most confusing concepts there is. Most people view success as a destination, not a journey. That is a flawed view. It is the reason that so many live far below their potential in life.

Cartoon credit: Andy Singer http://andysinger.com

Cartoon credit: Andy Singer http://andysinger.com

The appearance of success from either end of the spectrum is that of accumulation of everything that articulates the “good life”: Big house, fancy cars, fat bank account, exotic vacations, beautiful family. Emotionally, success is thought of as achieving everything we want and being content (most never are). No effort, no problems, no fears, everything running smooth. Many of these things are incorporated into success at some point or another, but many times all this is referred to as “the trappings of success”. That description has not developed by accident. (more…)

The Real Measure of Success

What comes to mind when you think of success? The most commons things are money, big house, luxury cars, expensive vacations, influence, popularity, etc.  There is a phrase which has become common in the definition of success: The Trappings of Success

Vocabulary.com has define this term as : Big house, shiny new car, a custom-made suit, an expensive watch, cool sunglasses, etc … If you have these things, you have the trappings of success, which means you own things that give you the outward appearance of success. . . . material items that tell the world that someone has money — or a credit card — but not about who he or she is on the inside.trappings (more…)